Carrying is like embracing with your heart

There’s nothing better in life than this warm feeling that makes you happy. When holding your own newborn baby for the first time, be gentle and careful, yet loving and protective.

From here on out, it’s all about closeness, warmth and care. As a mother and father, you want to provide and feel security; directly and always, and a baby sling from kindsknopf is ideal for this. It ensures that the baby is always kept very close to the body while your hands remain free.

Nest warmth
on the go

We at kindsknopf have made it our goal to not only make day-to-day life easier for adults with babies and toddlers but to add some beauty to it as well. Naturally, the right shoes are selected for an outfit, why not also the baby sling, which closely wraps itself around the baby and its wearer?

A kindsknopf lets you hug your child with your heart, and it looks great and elegant when worn.

Close, closer,
very close.

  • Only the best quality
    is good enough.

    Our baby slings are exclusively woven from high-quality and strictly-inspected material in Austria and fabricated, hemmed and labeled by hand and with care. The threads are procured from renowned, verified manufacturers in the EU and dyed without pollutants and resistant to saliva. It is exclusively woven in weaving mills that are family-run and rich in tradition. Controlled organic production cotton is a matter of course for us.

    These high-quality kindsknopf baby slings are particularly cuddly and come in many different weights. This makes it possible to be free from back or shoulder pain, even when worn for hours. They are manufactured with a lot of care and under fair conditions, because we believe that you can feel it, too.

  • Why parents believe in
    baby slings

    Our baby slings allow parents to keep their baby very close and give him/her warmth and comfort at all times. At the same time, the hands remain free, which makes day-to-day life and tasks outside the house enormously easier. The fact that mama or papa immediately notice whenever their child wakes up, is hungry or needs their diaper changed is also an advantage.

    What young mothers especially appreciate about it: A baby sling bonds the baby to his mother in every respect. The new life with the child will quickly become natural, and the close relationship is strengthened in a natural way. In some cases, it helps ward off post-natal depression, and due to the fact that carrying promotes lactation, baby slings can also be useful for breastfeeding problems.

  • Makes
    physiological sense.

    There is a very strong case for carrying babies from a physiological perspective: An adult’s acetabulums are already solidified and round, whereas those of a baby are very flat and still soft. Furthermore, a baby’s small legs are slightly positioned sideways and are very far apart when in a resting position A baby has a very pronounced hunched back primarily in the first week of its life. Whenever he/she is picked up, it pulls its little legs and involuntarily takes a spread-squat position.

  • Babies love
    to be carried.

    When worn, it reminds babies of their time in the mother’s womb, which they find familiar and calming. At the same time, it appeals to all the parents’ senses: the warmth of their skin, their smell, their voice, their heartbeat.

    The baby is in an ideal position. It has direct eye contact with the persons in front of it, or it can curiously look at its wider surroundings. It’s already in the right place if it gets too tired or if the hustle and bustle becomes too much for it. It can sleep very well behind a sling that’s positioned a bit higher.

takes its time

In addition to our baby slings, we also offer a small and fine selection of clothes, blankets, scarves, baby carriers and accessories. We ourselves made most of them by hand per Austrian quality standards. Because of this, some of the products sometimes sell out on short notice. We then do whatever we can to have the desired product back in stock at our shop again.


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